Repair Services

We can take a look under the hood

From air suspension repairs and brake service to engine repairs and rebuilds, we keep your Land Rover reliably on the road.

Fluid Leaks
A fluid leak under your car can lead to a major repair if left unattended. What could be a minor repair can leave you broken down on the side of the road or left with a major repair. Here at IE Rovers we can accurately diagnose where your leaks are coming from and repaired and make sure you are getting where you need to go.

We all call them the 3 Amigos here. That Land Rover Discovery ABS does not have to be a scary repair. A simple scan can tell you a lot. ABS modulators are known for internal electrical failure. We can repair and update the shuttle valve circuit at a cost you can afford. You don’t have to live with this pesky problem anymore due to expensive parts.

Cylinder Heads
Complete reconditioned Cylinder heads available. 500$ for a pair.