IE Rovers engine repair

Land Rover Engine Repair & Rebuilds

Engine failure does not mean the end of the world for your Land Rover.

Engine failure can come from any number of reasons, and we have pretty much seen it all!

Many times, it is just a time for a fresh start - a time to rebuild that engine and get you going again. During our rebuild process, IE Rovers' focus is on reliability. Every build starts with a complete tear down and inspection of your engine. Every block is fitted with New Top Hat liners/sleeves - eliminating the possibility of slipping or shifting. Every part is cleaned, measured and inspected. All new rings, bearings, gaskets and seals are fitted. A new Crower Cam and Lifters are installed to improve power and bring that engine back to life.

On our long block assemblies, we will recondition the heads, install ARP studs and new head gaskets, and we'll assemble your engine from top to bottom. With 30 years of engine building experience, you are guaranteed many more years of service out of your Land Rover engine.

Rover 4.6 short block engine

4.6 Short Block Engine

Our Short Block Engine comes rebuilt with T-hat liners installed to permanently repair that slipped liner issue these engines are notorious for, the crank is polished, all new crank and rod bearings, new piston rings and all new seals and gaskets in the bottom end. We replace oil pump drive gears, timing chain and gears. Using a Crower cam and lifters for a boost in performance. Everything is inspected, cleaned and measured and the block is ready for final assembly of the heads.


4.6 Long Block Engine

Our Complete Long Block assemblies are complete engines ready for installation. We start with the T-hat Sleeved Rebuilt Short block  and build from there. The heads are machined with complete valve job, new head gaskets, intake, valve covers and oil pan gaskets. Head bolts are replaced with ARP studs. Rocker assemblies are cleaned and inspected. This engine is a drop in ready rebuild with a focus on longevity and reliability while giving you the performance upgrade you have been missing.

Rover 4.6 engine complete

4.6 Engine Complete

Complete Engine with Installation. Starting with one of our complete long block engines we will perform installation and give you back a car ready for the road. Cooling system is checked and tested, spark plugs are replaced and ignition system is checked for operation. Exhaust manifold studs and gaskets are replaced.

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