Land Rover Maintenance and Repairs

Quality service for your Land Rover or Range Rover

If you own a Land Rover, you know you have a special breed of vehicle. You can't trust it to just anyone. You need to work with someone who is not only experienced with Rovers, but who is as enthusiastic about the vehicle as you are.

At IE Rovers, we have worked on Land Rovers and Range Rovers for more than 17 years. These exceptional vehicles have become a passion and a specialty of ours. We promise to treat your Rover as if it were our own. We like to say we bleed green - British Racing Green, that is!

IE Rovers provides a full range of services to help maintain your Rovers optimal performance. From diagnosing the reason for that check engine light, to air suspension and engine repairs, IE Rovers does it all. So, whether you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle, or are simply in need of scheduled maintenance, we have the solution to keep your Rover on the road.

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Diagnostic Services

We maintain the latest computer diagnostic technology to quickly identify the issue when your “check engine” or “service engine soon” warning lights up.


Repair Services

From air suspension repairs and brake service to engine repairs and rebuilds, we keep your Land Rover reliably on the road.